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Product nameEDTA .4Na
CAS No.13254-36-4

SpecificationsAppearancewhite crystalline powder
Content99.0% min
Chloride0.05% max
Sulfate0.05% max
Fe0.001% max
Heavy metal0.001% max
Chelating value220 min
NTA1.0% max

Use / ApplicationIt is an important metal complexing agent and a masking agent. It can be used in the textile dyeing industry, water treatment, color photographic, pharmaceutical, household chemicals, paper and other industries, as additives, activators, water purification agent, metal ion masking agent and styrene butadiene rubber industry activator. The offset dry acrylic metal industry interference, improve the color and brightness of the dyed fabric, can also be used in liquid detergent, washing improve quality, enhance the washing effect.
PackingIn 25kg/bag

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