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    Application range: Mercaptobenzene is mainly used in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, polymer materials and additives for organic synthesis. The thiophenol is used in the synthesis of organophosphorus pesticides, sulfonamides, sulfonamides, and arsenic acids. It can also be used...Read More

  • TIPA

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    Triisopropanolamine (TIPA) is an alkanolamine substance. It is an alcohol amine compound with an amine group and an alcoholic hydroxyl group. It has an amine and an alcohol because it contains both an amino group and a hydroxyl group. The comprehensive performance, with a...Read More

  • PVB-Poly Vinyl Butyral

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    PVB-Poly Vinyl Butyral

    PVB is a thermoplastic resin dissolved in methanol, n-propanol, isopropanol, n-amyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, butanol, diacetone alcohol, propylene glycol ethyl ether / methyl ether / propyl ether, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, cyclohexanone, Chloroform, methyl acetate, ethyl...Read More

  • MEKP

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    Chemical name : Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide CAS#: 1338 - 2 3- 4 UN No. : 3105 packing : 5 kg/drum (4drums in carton ) , 20fcl=1 4.4 mt with pallets Application : Is the most widely used initiator for unsaturated polyester resins in the world. The initiator used for the...Read More

  • 1-Dodecanethiol

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    The main use of n-dodecylmercaptan is as a modifier in free radical polymerization. Tert-dodecyl mercaptan has two main applications, one is the chain polymerization agent for free radical polymerization, and the other is as an additive for lubricating oil. The application of...Read More

  • Solvents 150 ND

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    Solvents 150 ND

    Solvents 150 ND can be used in many fields , which can be used as industrial solvents, paint thinner and shoe polish, leather jacket oil thinner, can also be used as pesticide emulsifier, mine flotation agent . if you have demands , pls inform melisa : CAS...Read More

  • MEKO

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    This product is an oil-based paint antioxidant, high purity This product can be used for the synthesis of silicone cross-linking agent, silicon curing agent, and isocyanate sealant; in a variety of alkyd paint, epoxy resin, polyurethane storage The process of anti-crust and...Read More

  • Iso-Butyl Acetate

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    Iso-Butyl Acetate

    Chemical Name: Iso-Butyl Acetate CAS No.: 1 10 -1 9 - 0 UN No.: 1213 Packing : 180kg/drum , 20fcl=14.4mt , or 21mt/tank Applications : Mainly used as nitro paint and perchlorethylene paint thinner, can also be used as a solvent, but also as a plastic printing slurry thinner,...Read More

  • Stannous Octoate

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    Stannous Octoate

    If you hv inquiry ,pls contact Tom:tom@gpcchem.comRead More

  • Iso-Butyl Alcohol

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    Iso-Butyl Alcohol

    If you have demands or any question , pls contact : melisa@gpcchem.comRead More

  • Polyvinyl Chloride

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    Polyvinyl Chloride

    HENAN GP CHEMICALS Co.,Ltd is a leading supplier of PVC in China, if you have inquiry, pls feel free to contact: ramon@gpcchem.comRead More

  • Isopropyl Acetate

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    Isopropyl Acetate

    If you have demands or any question , pls contact melisa@gpcchem.comRead More

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