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Tertiary Butyl Acetate(TBAC)
Aug 14, 2017

TBAC solvent has a similar evaporation rate and solvency as MEK, MIBK, ethyl and propyl acetate ,and toluene in a variety of coating systems, including 2K urethanes, alkyds, acrylics, nitrocellulose lacquers and baking enamels. Because of its superior resistance to amines, TBAC solvent can also be used in epoxy polyamide coatings as a replacement for toluene. Cleaners: For solvent-based cleaning, including metal degreasing and specialized equipment

cleansing, TBAC solvent improves the cleaning efficiency of toluene, mineral spirits and acetone on baked-on greasy soil and lithium grease. TBAC solvent is non-halogenated and cannot deplete

Other Applications: The properties listed in the previous section also support the use of TBAC solvent in agricultural and textile products. It is a useful intermediate in the pharmaceutical industry.

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