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Sep 25, 2017

Description: Triethylamine

CAS No.: 121-44-8

UN No.: 1296 Flammable liquid

Molecular Formula: (C2H5)3N

Physical and Chemical Property: Colorless liquid with a fishy odor. LACHRYMATOR.

-Boiling Point: 89.4℃

-Specific Gravity (20/4℃): 0.7275

-Flash Point: -11℃

Application: Used in the production of drug, pesticide, retarder, high-energy fuel, rubber

valeanized agent etc.

Packed in 150KG/Steel Drum; 20'FCL=12MT Or in 13.5KG/Iron Pail, 20’FCL=12.96MT.

Packed in ISO Tank, 1 ISO Tank = 17.2MT.

If you have demands recently, pls feel free to ask ramon@gpcchem.com

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