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TDI Price Trend
Jan 02, 2019

In the past week, the domestic TDI market has continued to be weak and weak. As of press time, the Shanghai merchants in East China talked about 16500-17000 yuan/ton, down 2000-2200 yuan/ton from last Friday, and the domestic merchants talked about 15500 yuan/ton. Last Friday fell 1,500 yuan / ton.

At the beginning of the week, the price of domestic factories was announced to 17,000 yuan / ton. The overall spot resources in the market were tight. The overall market intention of the merchants was obvious. However, the downstream continued to pay attention to the new capacity of Wanhua. The inquiry was continued and the market continued to be sluggish. Obstructed, coupled with Shanghai Kesi Chuang New Year's Day, the TDI device is about to resume operation, the downstream small and medium-sized sponge factory and curing agent factory are facing the Chinese New Year holiday in the middle and late January, the holders are pessimistic about the market, the focus of discussion continues to move down, near the weekend Gansu Yinguang was emergencyly stopped due to steam system failure. The parties in the market reacted flatly. Some factories were downgraded to 16,000 yuan/ton, and business confidence was scarce.

At present, the domestic TDI market is not falling, the downstream demand is short-term, and the new capacity will be released. Shanghai Kesi will face a return to work, the business mentality is fearful, and the market continues to fall. Under the lead of short-term, the short-term domestic TDI market will continue to be infinite. Empty state.

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