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TDI Price Is Decreasing
Sep 14, 2018

This week, the TDI market in East China exceeded expectations and showed a sharp decline. As the import sources were concentrated in Hong Kong this week, the sellers’ willingness to ship in the near future is strong, and the sell-offs are selling and selling, forming a stampede market, in order to stimulate the dealers to continuously lower the price and cut the meat clearance. . At the beginning of the week, the light warehouse business still followed the decline in time, but in the middle of the week, the sellers’ willingness to follow up weakened and the low-priced shipments decreased. However, the raw material positions of downstream users have been consumed to low or even short positions, and there is a supplementary demand, but it is taboo to enter the market cautiously in the oversold situation. Although the factory has moderately followed the market decline, it still intends to drag down. As of Thursday, East China domestic spot closed at 25000-25200 yuan / ton, down 3400 yuan / ton, down 11.93%; Shanghai production spot closed at 25500-26000 yuan / ton, down 3600 yuan / ton, down 12.35%.

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