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Nov 17, 2017

1. Daily chemical industry 

Sorbitol can be used as an excipient, moisturizing agents, and antifreeze agents in toothpaste.In cosmetics field, it is used as an anti-drying agent (substitute glycerol) which can enhance the stretch and lubricity of emulsifier.

2. The food industry

Adding sorbitol into foods can prevent the drying of food and make food stay fresh and soft.

3. the pharmaceutical industry

Sorbitol can be used as raw material in vitamin C; also can be used as feed syrup, injection fluids, and raw material of medicine tablet; as a drug dispersion agent and fillers, cryoprotectants, anti-crystallizing agent, medicine stabilizers, wetting agents, capsules plasticized agents, sweetening agents, and ointment matrix.

4. the chemical industry

Sorbitol abietin is often used as the raw material for common architectural coatings, also used as plasticizers and lubricants for application in polyvinyl chloride resin and other polymers.

It can from complex with iron, copper, and aluminum ion in alkaline solution to be applied to the washing and bleaching in textile industry.

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