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Sodium Thiosulfate
Jul 31, 2018

1.Sodium Thiosulfate has strong complexing ability and can form complex with silver bromide, so it is used in the photosensitive industry to manufacture fixer and desiccant for fixing powder and photographic industry;

2. In the water treatment industry, Sodium Thiosulfate can absorb the organic suspension in the water body and play a role of adsorption and sedimentation, so it is used as a water purification agent for water purification projects;

3. Sodium Thiosulfate is used as a reducing agent in the electroplating industry to stabilize electroplating solutions that are easily oxidized by oxygen in the air, such as tin-valent tin tin plating, because divalent tin is easily oxidized into tetravalent tin in air. Thereby causing the solution to fail, and after the addition of sodium thiosulfate, the reaction between oxygen and divalent tin is prevented, thereby stabilizing;

4.Sodium Thiosulfate has strong reducibility, can reduce chlorine and other substances, so it can be used as a reducing agent in the chemical industry, used in the manufacture of anhydrous sodium thiosulfate, epoxy resin, 5P1 catalyst;

5. In the textile printing and dyeing industry, Sodium Thiosulfate is used as a dechlorination agent for bleaching cotton fabrics (removing iodine stains on fabrics), bleaching agent for straw and wool, sulfur dyeing for dyed fabrics, and anti-whitening agent for indigo dyes. And the manufacture of dye intermediates, etc.

6. In the paper industry, Sodium Thiosulfate is used as a chlorine removal agent after pulp bleaching;

7. In the pharmaceutical industry,Sodium Thiosulfate is used as detergent, disinfectant and fading agent, etc., to dissolve cyanide poisoning and mercury poisoning, especially for detoxification of chlorine preparations, and also for pruritus, chronic urticaria, drug eruption, etc. ;

8. In the food industry, Sodium Thiosulfate is used as a chelating agent, antioxidant, etc.;

9. In the field of mining, the use of Sodium Thiosulfate is to extract silver from ore, so that the silver plating layer is finely crystallized, and the covering ability is good, so that the crystal of silver is aligned, thereby obtaining a bright and semi-bright silver plating layer;

10. In pesticides, Sodium Thiosulfate is used to synthesize pesticides such as insecticides, insecticides, insecticides, and chlorpyrifos to control rice stem borer, stem borer, rice leaf roller, rice husk and vegetables. Fruit tree pests;

11. In the field of gasoline additives, Sodium Thiosulfate is used in the manufacture of tetraethyl lead, as well as a neutralizing agent containing nitrogen tail gas, and is also used for dehydrochlorination in natural gas, naphtha, syngas, hydrogen nitrogen and the like to protect The downstream catalyst is not poisoned. If the gas contains organic chlorine, it should be converted to hydrogen chloride by a cobalt-molybdenum hydrogenation catalyst before the hydrogen chloride is absorbed by the dechlorination agent. Suitable for the removal of chlorine such as hydrogen, nitrogen, syngas, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and naphtha;

12. In the tanning industry, Sodium Thiosulfate is used as a reducing agent for dichromate in tanning;

13. In the field of analytical chemistry,Sodium Thiosulfate is used as a reagent for color layer analysis and volume analysis, and a drop analysis is used to determine cobalt, a photographic fixer, a reagent for the capacity analysis of a chlorine removal agent, a determination of blood sodium, a preparation of an injection solution, and a culture of disaccharide iron urea. Base, mordant, and standard solution used to prepare titrated iodine. The reaction between the two is fast and complete: the reaction uses a starch solution as an indicator.

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