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Sodium Percarbonate
Apr 28, 2018

Chemical Name: Sodium perborate monohydrate

CAS Number: 10332-33-9

Sodium perborate is a true inorganic peroxide containing a cyclic peroxide ring structure. Sodium perborate is produced commercially in both a tetrahydrate and monohydrate form. both tetrahydrate and monohydrate form of sodium perborate are ordourless, easy to use, free flowing wihte granular powder. Sodium perborate is manufactured by reaction of sodium tetraborate, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium hydroxide.

Sodium perborate tetrahydrate is an important ingredient of many household laundry detergent powders, laundry bleach additive products and automatic machine dishwash powders.Unlike sodium percarbonate and sodium perphosphate, perborate is not just an addition compound of peroxide, but contains true peroxygen bonds, Sodium perborate tetrahydrate has good storage stability when blended with many ingredients of formulated products for use in temperate climates. When used in laundry powders, sodium perborate tetrahydrate provides a stable, cost effective source of active oxygen.

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