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Sebacic Acid
Dec 19, 2017

It is white powder crystal, slightly dissolves in water, completely dissolved in ethanol or ether, but not in benzene.

Main Use:

It is widely used in producing engineering plastics,such as Nylon1010, Nylon 610, Nylon 810, Nylon9, etc.

It is widely used in producing cold resistance plasticizer,solvent, softener and additives, such as dimethy1 sebacate, dimethy1 sebacate, diocty1 sebacate,dibuty1 sebacate,diisoprory1 sebacate,polyesters and its derivatives.

It is also the raw material for producing heat resistance lubricant oil,epoxy solidified agent, sebacic anhy dride, synthetic lubricating grease, man-made perfumery and pharmaceuticals.

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