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Price Of BDO And It's Down Stream Products Continues To Increase
Mar 09, 2018

BDO and it's down stream products Continues to Increase

1. Market price:

East China-originated BDO price consolidates at high level. manufacturers' reference offer for sporadic purchase stands at 12,000-12,500 RMB Yuan/ton, while middlemen’s reference offer is negotiated at 11,300-11,800 RMB Yuan/ton. Offer for small orders is slightly higher, with offer for some drummed goods standing at 12300-12800 RMB Yuan/ton. With tight supply of spot goods, the manufacturers have strong intention to raise price, which results in rare low price on the market. Low-priced South China-originated BDO become fewer. With low operating rate of facilities, suppliers provide limited spot goods. Middlemen stick to high offer, with their reference offer standing at 11,300-11,900 RMB Yuan/ton. Meanwhile the manufacturers’ offer stands at 12,000-12,300 RMB Yuan/ton. No offer is heard from Markor Chemical due to its short supply. Reference price for sporadically-purchased drummed goods stands at 12,200-12,800 RMB Yuan/ton.

2. Market status: 

Recent status of BDO manufacturers’ facilities:



Capacity utilization of facilities

Xinjiang Markor Chemical

All its three facilities are operating at low load

Xinjiang Blue Ridge Tunhe Chemical

Runs with 70% loads

Xinjiang Tianye

Runs with 70% loads

Sichuan Tianhua

Phase I 25,000 tons/year facilities have ceased operation; the Phase II 100,000 tons/year facilities are operating at nearly 90% of capacity

Shanxi Sanwei Group

Runs with 50% loads

Chongqing Chiyuan Chemical

Runs with 80% loads

Henan Kaixiang Chemical

Facilities were shut down for turnaround at the end of February, which will last for approximately 20 days.

Henan Energy&Chemical Industry Group

Runs with high loads

Chang Chun Chemical (Panjin)

Runs with high loads

Sinopec Yizheng Chemical

Runs regularly

Fujian Meizhouwan

Runs with high loads

Shanxi BDO

Its Phase I 30,000 tons/year facilities have been shut down. The Phase II 100,000 tons/year plant stopped operation for maintenance on March 2. it is expected to resume normal operation on March 12

Inner Mongolia Dongyuan Group

On March 5, it ceased operation to replace the catalyst, which will last for 10 days


In summary, recently many BDO manufacturers performed maintenance, which led to relatively low operating rate. It is expected that the maintenance will continue into March and April, meaning that tight supply of BDO will continue. As a result of the frequent overhaul plans, there is a shortage of spot goods on the market. as it is hard for the middlemen to make a profit, they tend to make higher offer. Thus, domestic BDO price is expected to remain high for a short period of time.

3. Status of downstream sectors

PBT: After the holiday, the price stablized owing to moderate demands. But manufacturers intend to increase price driven by the higher costs. The prevailing reference offer stands between 11,800 and 13,500 RMB Yuan/ton.

GBL sector: After the festival, the demand remained largely unchanged, with prevailing reference offer standing between 12,800 and 13,200 RMB Yuan/ton. Over the past two years, production of some manufacturers have been affected due to environmental inspection, safety supervision and production restriction.

PTMEG sector: In spandex sector, the relatively strong post-holiday demand for spandex supported the price of PTMEG. In other fields, PTMEG supply was tight. some manufacturers focused on fulfilling orders placed before the holiday. It is antipated that the PTMEG price will continue to rise in March.

Resin sector: After the holiday, PU resin manufacturers resumed their normal operation at a relatively slow pace. Some major manufacturers are still operating at about 50% of their capacity. In terms of the price, as of the end of February, reference offer for east China-originated PU resins for wet process stood at 11,200-11,400 RMB Yuan/ton DEL. Reference offer for PU resins for dry process stood at 11,800 RMB Yuan/ton DEL. Manufacturers of sole resins have started to resume operation. but due to the short supply of raw materials, the operating rate remains low. The reference price for east China-originated PU resin for large shoes sole stands at 21000-22000 RMB Yuan/ton. 

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