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Poly Vinyl Alcohol
Jul 31, 2017

.In the textile industry , they are mainly used as yarn pulp, fabric finishing agents, and raw materials of vinylon fibers; 

   2. In the construction and decoration industries, they can be used as mortar cement additives, paint additives for interior and exterior walls, and molding plate adhesives;

   3.In the chemical industry, they can be used as polymerization emulsifiers, dispersants, and raw materials for the production of PVF, acetal and butyral resins;

   4. In lumbering and paper-making industries, they can be used as adhesives;

   5. In agriculture, they can be used as soil improvers, pesticide adhesion synergist and PVA film;

   6. In petroleum exploitation, they can be used as well-cementing agents.

    7. In addition, they can also be used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticalsprinting ,ceramics, steel, electronics, electroplating, and so on

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