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Mar 21, 2018

         After the Spring Festival, the domestic propylene oxide market rose in a narrow range. Due to the slow recovery of the demand side and the lower operating rate of the downstream polyether plant, the market started to decline after the stoppage. Although the rise in the market was greatly affected by the overhaul of some of the devices, the demand side has always been weak in supporting the market. With the continuous decline of the raw material propylene, the overall raw material surface was significantly affected. Entered the propylene oxide market this week, the decline is obvious. From the perspective of supply, the overall performance was relaxed. In Shandong Xinyue's factory, the 350,000-ton/year propylene oxide unit was under negative maintenance. Jilin Shenhua installed double-line low-load operation, and Jinpu Jinhu installed about 70% of the load. The demand side performance is weak, the downstream polyether factory shipments are not good, the early market bullish more reserves of raw materials, short-term terminal conduction poor digestion of raw material stocks, demand side. The raw material propylene continued to fall. The market momentum of the major downstream polypropylene market is low, the downstream buying is light, and the refinery is under heavy pressure. It is difficult to support propylene in the short term. Based on a comprehensive analysis, the short-term propylene oxide market still has further downside, and the decline is hard to stop.

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