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Oct 10, 2017

N-hexane is a naturally existing hydrocarbon in petroleum and is also one of the main constituents of petroleum ether and naphtha. At room temperature, it appears as colorless transparent liquid with slightly oil smell. It is easily volatile with the vapor being heavier than air. It can form an explosive mixture with air with the explosion limit being 1.18% to 7.4% (volume fraction). N-Hexane is widely used as cooking oil extraction solvent, rubber solvent, artificial leather finishing agent, cleaning agent of precise device, clothes detergent, and pharmaceutical tablet detergent as well as used for preparation of mixed solvents. People can get acute poisoning upon 5000ppm with the symptoms of vertigo. At high concentrations, it can stimulate the eyes, nose and throat mucosa with anesthetic effect. Animal experiments have shown that rats, after inhalation of 400~600 ppm n-hexane with getting symmetrical foot ptosis after 45~69 days with significant proliferation of nerve fibers.

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