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MEK: Trading Is Weak, Local High Price Callback
Aug 24, 2018

Entering this week, the domestic MEK market trading atmosphere continued to be weak, because the downstream demand is difficult to change, the East China market continued to digest profit-taking in the week, the market talks focus on low concentration, high prices difficult to deal. Due to the high price in the early period, the South China region was in conflict with the high price. In addition, some cargoes were replenished, the market supply was relieved, and the holders actively cut prices and the market price began to fall back, with a drop of about 300 yuan/ton. As of today, the mainstream price of the East China market is 7400-7500 yuan / ton, and the price of the South China market is 8050-8200 yuan / ton. At present, the price of carbon tetramers in butanone raw materials continues to rise, the cost side support still exists, but the long-term downturn system needs to suppress the market mentality, and the overall supply is relatively abundant, the downturn in the butanone market is difficult to improve, and it is expected that the short-term market will be biased. Weakly organized.

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