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MEK Price Is Weak
Jan 09, 2019

As the Spring Festival holiday approached, the butanone market's off-season factors deepened, and the shipping pressure became the consensus of the recent market, and prices continued to fall. At present, the mainstream price of butanone in East China refers to the price of 6350-6400 yuan / ton, while that in South China is around 6400 yuan / ton, the overall price fell 50-100 yuan / ton from last Tuesday. Under the pressure of shipments, the factory prices are also uneven, and low-priced discs are frequently transmitted. Currently, the market is generally waiting for the latest developments in mainstream factories, but the bearish expectations are higher. However, the decline is still not large, mainly because the price of carbon four in the upstream raw material ether is at a high level. As of Tuesday, the mainstream of the post-ether carbon in the Shandong region is around 4,700 yuan/ton. Due to the high cost, the ex-factory price of the factory has been lowered. Or still maintain at around 100 yuan / ton. In the short-term, the market continued to decline in the second half of this week. The price increase in East China is expected to fall to 6250-6350 yuan/ton, and the South China region will fall to 6300-6350 yuan/ton. If you have inquiry, pls feel free to contact: ramon@gpcchem.com