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Sep 19, 2018

Recently domestic chloroacetic acid market deadlock settlement, the market price affected by the rising cost of raw materials, did not appear to decline.At present maintain stable.

In terms of raw materials, the acetic acid market has maintained a strong trend recently. At present, the mainstream price in the north China market is stable at 4350-4550 yuan/ton.East China market, jiangsu 4500-4600 yuan/ton, zhejiang 4700-4800 yuan/ton sent;The mainstream of guangdong acetic acid market negotiated a stable price of 4450 yuan to 4450 yuan per ton, supporting the chloroacetic acid market in cost.In the short term, the acetic acid market supply is tight, manufacturers have strong willingness to hold up prices, positive factors, to maintain a firm trend.The liquid chlorine market was stable at the beginning of the week, but fell on Wednesday, with a slight decline. Trade volume in shandong market was flat, while goods in other regions were still available.As far as raw material price is concerned, chloroacetic acid manufacturers are under great pressure at present.

In terms of supply and demand relations, the factory is not running high at present, and some of the operating rate is around 50%.Domestic equipment is still under construction, manufacturers inventory low.Supply side there must be positive.The downstream equipment base, the operation rate is low, the demand for chloroacetic acid is small, at present, the main procurement is on demand.Demand side down, the market is more difficult up.

In the raw material acetic acid continued to rise, to the chloroacetic acid market to provide price stability, high cost support, is expected to be the main short - term market consolidation.

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