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Isopropyl Alcohol: Price Is Quite Stable
Jul 13, 2018

Recently, the domestic isopropyl alcohol market has been in a state of tepid state, and the field is intertwined. At present, Supu equipment has not yet started, Haike plans to drive near the 15th, and the load of Detian equipment is not high. Kailing and Xinhua operate stably, and some export orders are executed. From the perspective of supply, the current factory pressure is not large. However, the environmental protection pressure is not reduced, the downstream demand is not good, just need to be the main, the on-site demand is still difficult to consume the current supply of isopropyl alcohol. The stalemate of raw material acetone is difficult to make, and there is no big wave in the short term, and the cost side is also lack of clear leadership. In the short-term, the news is relatively flat, and the trend of isopropanol is expected to be stable.

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