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Isopropyl Alcohol
Sep 10, 2018

Last week, the domestic isopropyl alcohol market center of gravity fell slightly. The raw material acetone fluctuated downwards, aggravating the market's wait-and-see atmosphere, the factory pulled up and blocked, and the market had rumors of Supu's start-up news, which made the market more bearish. Downstream demand is limited, and the market just needs to be dominated. However, there is no obvious pressure on the factory, so the adjustment space for the isopropanol market is limited.

In the follow-up, if the market starts, the overall supply of the market will increase. The downstream demand is flat, still based on just-needed demand, and the supply and demand side tends to be weak. And the current acetone isopropyl alcohol allows the sales space to be larger, and the short-term center of gravity of the acetone continues to be downward, and the acetone isopropyl alcohol plant is not lacking in profit sales. However, the current factory inventory pressure is not large, and long-term interweaving is expected to have limited space for subsequent adjustment of isopropyl alcohol.

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