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Fumaric Acid Food Grade
Oct 30, 2017

Fumaric Acid Food grade Application

Name:allomaleic acid,fumaric acid, trans-butenedioic acid 
Executed standard:Q/3204 BLL 001-2006 
Molecular formula:C4H4O4
Molecular mass:116.07 
Usage:it is an important organic chemical material. It has wide applications in polyester resin, coatings, plasticizer, pharmaceutical, biological engineering, foodstuff additive, foodstuff industry and so on. 
As pure taste sourness agent,foodstuff class fumaric acid is wide used for carbonic acid drinking, wine, concentrated solid drinking, beer, ice cream, and all kinds of cooling foodstuff and drinking.It can replace malic acid and citric acid. Its acidity is 1.5 times than citric acid. It takes also the functions of antifungal, antiseptic and antioxidan

We can provide 25kg , 500kg and 1000kg bag .

If you have demands of Fumaric Acid , pls contact Alex(alex@gpcchem.com )

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