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Ethyl Formate
Jan 10, 2019

Ethyl Formate

【Properties 】: Colorless transparent liquid, easy to volatize and owns pleasing aroma.

Relative density is d(20/4 ℃ )0.9168, melting point is -80.5 ℃ , boiling point is 54.4 ℃ ,

flash point is -20 ℃ , refractive index is nD(20 ℃ )1.3598, vapor tension is

26.664kPa(20.6 ℃ ), evaporation heat is 407J/g and specific heat capacity is 2J/(g·℃ ). Can

be mixed with ethanol and aether and easily dissolved in acetone. Dissolvability in water is

11.8g/100ml. Unstable and can decompound gradually in water.

【Application 】: It is used as solvent of nitro cellulose and cellulose acetate, medium of

uridine, cytosine and thymine on medicine, antiseptic of tobacco, corn and broomcorn as well

as food, tobacco and essence.

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