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EGDA(Ethylene Glycol Diacetate)
Nov 01, 2016

Product: ETHYLENE GLYCOL DIACETATE              

BATCH NO: 20161025                                    

CAS No:111-55-7

Application: Ethylene Glycol Diacetate (EGDA) is a colorless, low odor, very slow-evaporating solvent that gives good flow-out to baking lacquers and enamels. Its major uses are in thermoplastic acrylic coatings as a reflow solvent and in foundry core-binding applications.


EGDA is extensively applied in the fields of Coil steel coating, wood printing coating, carpentry coating, vessel/can coating, printing ink industry, metal furniture coating,  and resin industry. Also it can be used as cleaning agent, paint remover,and intermediate compound in organic synthesis. It can partially or completely replace DBE, PMA, PM, CAC, CYCLOHEXANONE etc

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