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Oct 26, 2017

Dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP)

1. DOTP has good electric and thermal properties, it can be used in the production of artificial leather film. In addition, it has excellent compatibility, and used in the plasticizing of acrylonitrile derivative, PVB, nitrile rubber, nitrocellulose, etc. As softener in nitrile rubber, chloroprene rubber, EPDM and other products. Has significant plasiticizing effect and low volatility in cable materials, it is widely used in the products requiring heat resistance and high insulation, it is the ideal plasticizer in the production of cable materials resisting to 70℃ and other PVC products resisting to volatilization.
2. DOTP is the PVC product used in the passenger car, it can solve the fogging problem of the glass window. DOTP can also be used in the paint and coating of high-ranking furniture and interior decoration, high-quality lubricant or lubricant additive of precise instrument, additive for nitrocellulose varnish, paper softener , etc.
3. The linear molecular structure of DOTP is similar to DOS and DOA, so it has good cold resistance.
4. The volume resistivity of DOTP is 10-20 times higher than DOP, and has excellent mobilization resistance.
5. Phthalates free, DOTP is an excellent ecological plasticizer.

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