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Benzoic acid
Nov 28, 2018

Industrial grade benzoic acid can be used as plastic plasticizer, peroxide benzoyl chloride and other raw materials for organic synthesis. Food grade and pharmaceutical grade benzoic acid can be prepared by recrystallization refinement treatment. Industrial grade benzoic acid is still an important raw material for preparation of food additives.

Application of benzoic acid in the resin: Benzoic acid is monoacid, with low molecular weight and a benzene ring structure. After the introduction of alcohol acid resin structure, the film dries quickly, with high gloss, high hardness, good water resistance, salt fog resistance, gloss retention, and weather resistance. Combined use with amino resin can play the role of fast drying, and can reduce the dosage of amino resin also. Benzoic acid is monoacid, with simple formula treatment, which can replace fatty acid of certain equivalent ratio according to the general principle.

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