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Dimethyl Formamide
Dec 22, 2016


Product Description
Classification:Chemical Auxiliary Agent
CAS No.: 68-12-2
Other Names: N,N-Dimethylformamide
EINECS No. 200-679-5
As an important chemical industrial raw material and a good solvent, Dimethylformamide is mainly used in polyurethane, orlon, agricultural chemicals, dyes and electronic industries.
As a washing firming agent in polyurethane industry, Dimethylformamide is mainly used to produce synthetic leather;
As a synthetic medicine intermediate in medicine industry, Dimethylformamide is widely used to produce doxycycline, cortisone and sulfa;
As a solvent in orlon industry, Dimethylformamide is mainly used to produce orlon filature; it is used to synthesize more effective and less toxic pesticides in agriculture; it is used as a dye solvent in dye industry; it is used to quench the tin coating spare parts and clean the circuit board in electronic industry; DMF is also used as the carrier of hazardous gases, a medicine crystal solvent and a binder in other industries.
1. Drum packing:190kg/drum(new drum painted in blue). 15.2 Tons /1x20'FCL
2. ISO tank packing:21.5 Tons/tank
3. As your request.

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