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Dibasic Ester(DBE)
Jan 07, 2018
  • The dibasic esters (DBE) are mixtures of methyl esters of adipic, glutaric, and succinic acid.

  • Dibasic ester(DBE) may be used at 100 percent strength or mixed with other chemicals. One additive is NMP (n-methyl pyrollidone). DBE can be fractionated into other mixtures and pure components to meet market demands.

  • Dibasic ester(DBE) is commonly used as a paint stripper. It has been used to clean paint guns and lines. DBE-2 and DBE-3 are the solvents of choice.

  • Dibasic ester(DBE) is used as the active component in paint-removing hand cleaners. DBE and DBE-2 are most often used.

  • Dibasic ester(DBE) is used, usually in blends with other solvents, as a replacement for glycol ethers.

  • Dibasic ester(DBE) has a low vapor pressure (0.1 torr or less), so air emissions are likely to be low.

  • Dibasic ester(DBE) has low cost and excellent solvency. It dissolves many resins and solubilizes many polar soils.

  • Dibasic ester(DBE)  may be biodegradable and can be recycled using a vacuum still.

  • Dibasic ester(DBE)  is stable at normal temperature, humidity, and pH.

  • Dibasic ester(DBE)  can be purchased in both nonaqueous and water-based strippers.

  • DuPont recommends blends of 70% to 80% DBE and 30% to 20% NMP as more effective than either solvent alone. It is also economical because the DBE is cheaper to use than NMP.

  • Dibasic ester(DBE) is a recommended replacement for methylene chloride. If the OSHA-proposed reduction in the threshold limit value (TLV) for methylene chloride from 50 to 25 ppm occurs, the market for DBEs will grow.

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