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May 28, 2018

Diethyl Formamide

CAS#: 617-84-5

 Packaging: 180kg/drum , 20fcl=14.4mt ; or in iso tank , one tank=20mt


         Application : Referred to as DEF, it is an environmentally friendly polar solvent with low toxicity.


Alternative Solvents: DMF DMAC NMP DMSO THF Cyclohexanone Antifreeze Isophorone and more! The

The main purpose:

DEF can replace cyclohexanone, DMSO, DMF, DMAC, NMP for electronic cleaning. Especially in the cleaning of CCL, electronics, circuit boards, glass cleaning. Can also be used for water and oily resins to replace DMF and other solvents.


1. Polyurethane Synthetic Leather, Footwear Ink Resin : Used as dry and wet PU synthetic leather resin and surface treatment agent, leather surface treatment agent, shoe material ink.

2 . polyurethane glue : For PU shoe glue synthesis, PU two-component adhesive glue.

3 . shoe treatment agent : Used as a shoe treatment agent instead of DMF and THF.

4 . Waterborne polyurethane resin : Used for dissolving and diluting dihydroxypropionic acid, dihydroxybutyric acid, water-based polyurethane resin hydrophilic chain extender.

5. Polyimide resin solvent : Polar solvents for the manufacture of polyimide films, paints, fibers.

6. paint solvent : Used for insulating paint and baking paint to dilute high boiling point solvents.

7 . epoxy circuit board : Dicyandiamide curing agent solvent for epoxy laminate industry.

8 . Electronic cleaning : Used for the cleaning of LED photoresist and circuit board cleaning, replacing DMF and DMAC with low toxicity and improving cleaning efficiency.

9 . ultrafiltration membrane :Used for dissolving coating materials, producing ultrafiltration membranes, and making polyimide films.

10 . Fiber Manufacturing : For acrylic, spandex, polyimide fiber manufacturing.

11. Lithium-ion battery field : For lithium ion battery slurry solvents.

12 . paint thinner compound : For paint thinner compound, slow dry, improve the film leveling, gloss.

13 . Food Additives Reaction Solvents : For sucralose reaction solvent.

14. other applications : Used in the production of medicines, pesticides, reagents, and insect repellents.  

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   Technical Index




White or light brown flake

Purity      w/%

99.7% min

Moisture      w/%


Diethylamine    w/%


N-Ethyl Formamide    w/%


Methanol     w/%


Color ( APHA )

20 max


50ppb max