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DBE(dibasic Ester)
Aug 06, 2017



DBE is a mixture of dibasic acid ester. Its main ingredient is Dimethyl succinate CH3OOC(CH2)2COOCH3, Dimethyl succinate CH3OOC(CH2)3COOCH3, Dimethyl adipate CH3OOC(CH2)4COOCH3. It is the unique constituent that makes the DBE become a non-toxic colorless transparent liquid with high boiling point, which is of environmental protection and of biodegradation. Now it is widely used as general-purposed solvent of coatings. Appearance: Clear and colorless liquid




DBE is extensively applied in the fields of Coil steel coating, automobile coating, baking coating, tin plate printing coating, carpentry coating, vessel/can coating, printing ink industry, metal furniture coating, insulating coating and resin industry.

Also it can be used as cleaning agent, paint remover, casting core agglomerant, soldering flux in electronic industry, and intermediate compound in organic synthesis.

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