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Dec 26, 2017

Product Name: DBE(dibasic ester)

The CAS number, the content

Single product mixture

Adipic acid dimethyl, 627-93-0, 10-25%

Glutaric acid dimethyl, 1119-40-0,55-65%

Succinic acid dimethyl,106-65-0,15-25%

Quality Index:

Appearancecolorless transparent liquid
Color(APHP)20 max
Ester Content%(GC)99.0 min
Water content%0.1max
Acid value(mg koh/g)0.15max
Density(20℃ g/ml)1.082-1.095
Distillation Range(℃)195-230


Dibasic esters are used in paints, coil coatings, paint strippers, coatings, plasticisers, resins, binders, solvents, polyols, soil stabilization, chemical grouting, oilfield drilling fluids, crop protection products, cedar spray, and adhesives.

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