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Nov 09, 2018

In 2018, the domestic cyclohexanone industry is still closely following the trend of the chemical fiber industry. Due to the continuous expansion of caprolactam new projects in recent years, cyclohexanone has a gap in the supply of chemical fiber market. The impact of pentanone price operation is limited.

Since 17-18, cyclohexanone/caprolactam is still the most profitable product in the downstream of pure benzene. For cyclohexanone, the water legal profit is on average 3000-4000 yuan/ton, while the oxidation law is 2000-3000 yuan/ton. . In 2018, the price of cyclohexanone continued to operate in the high range. The overall operation was above 12,000 yuan/ton, and the high level touched around 14,000 yuan/ton. Overall, the performance of cyclohexanone/caprolactam industry was temporarily healthy in 2018. In addition, Fujian Shenyuan phenolic caprolactam increased its production cost in 2018 due to the sharp increase in phenol price in the second half of the year. Shenyuan also purchased cyclohexanone to produce caprolactam. Also increased the demand for cyclohexanone.

In the case of another downstream solvent market, the overall operating cost is relatively high. Due to the demand for chemical fiber, the external circulation of cyclohexanone is scarce, resulting in increasing pressure on raw material costs in the solvent market. In recent years, the solvent market share has also been shrinking. New solvent raw materials are also being sought to replace cyclohexanone. Therefore, if the price of cyclohexanone is still high, the willingness to purchase downstream solvent market will continue to decrease.

In addition, some factories under the high profit of cyclohexanone still have capacity expansion and new plans. For example, Luxi's 100,000 tons oxidation method will be put into operation in the fourth quarter, while Jiangsu Weiming also has a production plan in mid-November. In addition, Yongrong Group also has phenol method. 200,000 tons of cyclohexanone project.

In the follow-up, the healthy development of the domestic cyclohexanone industry will be broken later. If the cyclohexanone/caprolactam starts to work, if the sales volume of cyclohexanone increases, then the cyclohexanone price range and profit will be affected. influences.

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