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Jun 08, 2018


Molecular formula:C6H12


It is a kind of transparent liquid without color, smells like gasoline; easy to volatilize and to burn; also has a function of an esthesia. Specific gravity is 0.779(20/4℃), Boiling point is 81℃, crystalizing point is 5.8℃, Flashing point is -16.7℃. It dissolves in organic solvent, such as alcohol, diethyl ether ,carbon tetrachloride except water .Its vapor can create explosive mixture with air whose explosion limit ranges from 1.3% To 8.3%(Volume)


It is mainly used to produce cyclohexanol, cyclohexanone, as solvent, it is widely used in coating industry, also good for resin, fat, paraffin, oil, plastic.

Storage and Transportation:

Packed in 150kg iron drum or ISO tank , the temperature of storehouse should be less than 28 ℃. Keeping away from heat source and tinder, avoiding sunshine, no rolling the drum, striking ,rubbing while loading and unloading. Period of reserving should be less than half a year.

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