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Calcium Chloride
Mar 29, 2018

Calcium chloride have anhydrous and dihydrate,and its appearance have flaks,powder and pellet.

Calcium chloride is widely used in several aspects due to its exothermic nature, low freezing point of aqueous solution, strong moisture absorption, poor corrosiveness to metals, and accelerated coagulation of organic macromolecules.

1) Snow and deicing of roads, highways, parking lots, docks;

2) Oil drilling, drilling fluids, completion fluids, petrochemical dewatering agents;

3) Anti-dust, coal dust, or mine dust;

4) Calcium chloride solution is used as a flocculant for algae industry with sodium and soybean products; cold carrier for refrigeration and cold drink industry; also used for sewage treatment;

5) It is used to control the decay of wheat, apple, cabbage and other food preservatives, and the dryness and preservation of vegetables;

6) Do concrete antifreeze and accelerate the setting time of cement;

7) Raw materials made of calcium and other precious metals produced by the molten electrolytic method.

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