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Application Of Adipic Acid
May 25, 2017

      application of Adipic Acid

About 60% of the 2.5 billion kg of adipic acid produced annually is used as monomer for the production of nylon by a polycondensation reaction with hexamethylene diamine forming nylon 66. Other major applications also involve polymers: it is a monomer for production of Polyurethane and its esters are plasticizers, especially in PVC.

In foods

Small but significant amounts of adipic acid are used as a food ingredient as a flavorant and gelling aid. It is used in some calcium carbonate antacids to make them tart.

Adipic acid can be used as ingredient for jelly.


Adipic acid can be used as raw materials for Medicine,yeast purification, pesticides, adhesives, synthetic leather,synthetic dyes and spices.

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