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Ammonium Bifluoride
Feb 26, 2018

Name:Ammonium bifluoride 

Cas No.:1341-49-7 
Molecular formula: NH4HF2

Character :Ammonium bifluoride is a colorless rhombus or flake crystal  It is deliquescent and agglomerative easily. It is soluble in water. Its stable liquor is acidity in dry condition. It etches glass. It has toxic. 
Uses:Ammonium bifluoride is used as glass etchant, aseptic, disinfector and analytical reagent, in solution in the production of metal beryllium from beryllium oxide, in the treatment of the surface of silicon steel plate, for pottery and magnesium alloy, in chemical cleaning of boilers and evaporators, in acidify treatment of sand in oil field, as fluorination reagent in organic synthesis, in extraction of rare element. 

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