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Adipic Acid
Jan 16, 2018

Adipic acid is commonly known as “fat acid” with the formula C6H10O4, molecular weight is 146.14, which is an importantdibasic acidin aliphaticsdibasic acid. It is a kind of white crystalline solid, and odorless. It has common features with aliphaticsdibasic acid, including salt forming reaction, esterification reaction, amidation, etc. Meanwhile, it can form polymer with diamine through polycondensation reaction.

Adipic acid is mainly used in producing nylon fiber and engineering plastics, and polyurethane in quantity. Most of parts are used to produce PU, liquid for sole, polyurethane foam, etc. A small number of them are used for high quality lubricating oil. 

High quality ester of adipic acid can be used as PVC and its copolymer, plasticizer of natural synthetic rubber. A large number of adipic acid ester is used to produce food packaging, thin film and PVC for insulation.

Adipic acid is also used for sour agent of food and drink. It is not easy to deliquesce, so it is used in dry food, and can be kept in a long time.

The Adipic acid products adopt cyclohexene method to make cyclohexanol, then nitric acid oxidation. The products have obvious advantages, such as high purity, good quality, and large output. The production technology has obvious advantages of low raw material consumption, low energy consumption, low three wastes discharge, high automaticity, safety and environmental protection.

We have: pure adipic acid, cyclohexane, cyclohexanol,diacid, cyclohexene, dilute nitric acid(65%), etc.

Packaging: pure adipic acid adopts PP complex bags (PE coating inside), the size is 1000kg/bag, 500kg/bag.

Safety, storage and transportation: adipic acid is stable, non-toxic, and not easy to deliquesce. Be careful of water-proof, rain-proof when transportation. When the content is higher than 14%, it is easy to have static to cause fire, so please use carefully. The upper explosive limit of adipic acid dust mixed with air blending is 7.9%, the lower limit is 3.94%.

Pure Adipic Acid Quality Index

Item                    unit               index


External Appearance               -             White Crystal Powder

Content                        %             ≥99.80

Melting point                    ℃            ≥152

Ammonia solution chroma          -             ≤5

(platinum-cobalt color)

Moisture                        %            ≤0.20

Ash content                     mg/Kg        ≤4

Iron Content                    mg/Kg         ≤0.4

Nitric acid content                mg/Kg         ≤3

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