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Acetyl Acetone
May 13, 2017
【Product name】Acetylacetone
【Property】Colorless or light yellow, easy flowing transparent liquid.
【Main application】 It has wide applications.1. Mainly used in the synthesis of pharmacy and intermediates;2. Used in the synthesizing of veterinary medicine and feed additives;3. Used as the additive for solvent of cellulose acetate, for gasoline and lubricating oil and binding material for electroplating.4. Analyzing reagent. 

With special characters, it can be reacted with metal oxide to form complex and soluble in acetylacetoneto generate color. Therefore it should not be packed in metal drum but in reinforced polypropylene drum.
The drum shall only be used after washed (with water then acetone), dried and pressure tested. It is packed in fixed dosage and secured with the cover of anti-thief and rainproof.

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