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Repalce STPP
Jun 08, 2017

Complex Sodium Disilicate-repalce STPP in detergent powder making , spec details in our website . 

Uses: detergent lotion, laundry cream, laundry detergent, lotion lotion, industrial cleaning agent, directly used for cleaning oil, heavy detergents, etc.

Product Description: 1. This product and detergent active material with a significant role in improving the detergency. As a phosphorus-free builder to meet all the technical and ecological requirements of STPP alternatives. 2. Excellent buffer alkalinity function, can make the washing liquid to maintain a good PH buffer effect 3. Excellent washing performance, dissolution speed, low temperature requirements, solubility is better than STPP, 4A zeolite and other sodium silicate Powder products. 4. Compared with other silicate, the product does not absorb moisture, high detergency, and has a high calcium and magnesium ion exchange capacity; has a good function of softened water. 5. In the agglomeration molding process can absorb the surfactant, made of appearance and good mobility of detergent. 6. This product can also be used for high tower spray drying process, made of appearance and dyeing performance of the traditional phosphorus-containing detergent the same product. 7. This product is the preparation of non-phosphorus detergent ideal efficient additives, no environmental pollution, and the production cost than the same grade detergent low phosphorus. No corrosive effect. No toxicity to humans, animals and aquatic organisms No toxic and side effects on other substances, flowing into rivers, lakes, sea or soil completely avoid the factors of fertilizer, will not cause pollution of the environment. 8. Suggested the amount of the product such as: washing powder for the 8-30%; industrial cleaning agent for the 25-45%; food lotion for 3-8%.

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