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1,6-ethylene Glycol Diacrylate HDDA
Aug 23, 2017

Chemical Name: 1,6-ethylene glycol diacrylate HDDA

CAS #: 13048-33-4

Molecular weight (g / mol): 226



Appearance: transparent liquid Clear Liquid

Color (APHA): ≤50

Acid value (mgkOH / g): ≤0.5

Viscosity (cps @ 25 ℃): 6-12

Moisture%: ≤0.2

Polymerization inhibitor (ppm): ≤300

Refractive index: 1.455

Surface Tension Dynes / cm, 20 ℃: 35.9

The glass transition temperature Tg, ℃: 43



Low viscosity, low volatile, fast cure



Wood coatings, PVC coatings, plastic coatings, metal coatings, offset printing inks, flexographic printing, screen printing, varnish

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