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Zinc Chloride
Jul 23, 2018


The inorganic industry as an activator for the production of activated carbon makes the activated carbon porous and increases its surface area. It is also used to make antifoam foam fire extinguishing fluid and raw materials for zinc cyanide production. Organic industry used as a solvent for polyacrylonitrile, organic synthetic contact agent, dehydrating agent. Condensing agent, deodorant. Special surfactants and catalysts for the production of melanoquine, anti-irritoxal, indomethacin, and cation exchange resins. The oil industry is used as a scavenger. The dye industry is used as a stabilizing agent for the coloring salt of ice dyes and also for the production of reactive dyes and cationic dyes. The rubber industry is used as an auxiliary material for the vulcanization accelerator zPC. The printing and dyeing industry is used as a mordant, mercerizing agent and weighting agent. The electroplating industry is used as a zinc ion additive for ammonium salt zinc plating. The pigment industry is used as a raw material for white pigments. The metallurgical industry is used to produce aluminum alloys and treat metal surfaces. Used as a rust remover when welding. [5] The coal preparation plant is often used for floatation experiments.

It is used as a dehydrating agent and condensing agent in organic synthesis industry and as a catalyst for the production of vanillin, rabbit ear aldehyde, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, and cation exchange resins. Can be used as a solvent for polyacrylonitrile. Dyeing industry used as mordant, mercerizing agent, sizing agent. The textile industry is used as raw material for the production of sliver barrels, shuttles and other materials (co-solvents for cotton fibers), which can increase the adhesion of fibers.  

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