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VAM market continues to push up
May 25, 2018

This week Sinopec Great Wall Energy vinyl acetate plant has been return to  normal, but the price of the downstream polyvinyl alcohol has been actively pushed up due to the impact of the United States Kuraray device accident, and domestic vinyl acetate plants are equipped with polyvinyl alcohol devices, so more than self-use vinyl acetate, export Less, the raw material acetic acid is also underpinned by the short supply, and some vinyl acetate manufacturers said that the purchase of raw material acetic acid is difficult . However, the downstream demand for vinyl acetate was weak. Due to cost pressures, some SMEs indicated that they may not eliminate parking or load reduction in the later period. However, the current upstream and downstream support is strong. It is expected that vinyl acetate will still increase in the later period, but the rising trend may slow down.

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