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Types of Environmentally Friendly Rubber Antioxidant
Apr 24, 2018

Types of Environmentally Friendly Rubber Antioxidant

1.Phenolic antioxidant

Phenolic rubber antioxidant does not change color, does not pollute, do not spray cream, is a non-polluting antioxidant. Phenolic antioxidant containing OH, does not produce harmful substances, it is easy to capture the the the aging reaction generated R or ROO thereby suppress free radical reactions, reached to prevent the aging of rubber.

2.Phosphorus antioxidant

In the vulcanized rubber, the use of phosphorus-based antioxidant is not hazardous to the environment toxic substances, it is a green antioxidant, can enhance the stability of the rubber products.

3.Rare earth antioxidant

A thermal oxidation process of the rubber is an auto-oxidation mechanism. The rare earth elements, there are a large number of the empty track, can be combined with the free radicals generated in the oxidation process, to terminate the chain reaction, inhibit the continuation of the oxidation reaction. Rare Earth has a strong complexing ability to form a stable complex with O2-, N3-complexation key, and the rare earth elements composite also produce a special synergy. REE some complex structure is formed prior to the thermal oxidation, impede the conduct of the oxidation process; acid, ketene, etc., produced after the thermal oxidation of forming a complex with the rare earth, can hinder the oxidation reaction to proceed.

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