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TMA-Trimellitic anhydride
May 31, 2018

CAS number:552-30-7

Structural skeleton symbol:C9H405

Physical and chemical properties:Appearance: white flake.  Solubility: soluble in hot water, acetone, N,N-dimethylformamide, cyclohexanone, cyclohexanone, soluble in absolute ethanol and reactive with it.  

Applications:TMA is mainly used to produce plasticizer such as TOTM, polyester resin for powder coating, polyamide-imide resin for insulating varnish (wire enamel), water-soluble alkyd resin coating, epoxy curing agent, lubricant, etc.

1. For trioctyl trimellitate-production.

Widely used as the clad material of electrical components, internal electric wires of vehicles, and semiconductors, etc., as well as, automotive cable, car upholstery, artificial leather, washing machine drain hose, venetian blinds, sealing materials and packing, etc.

2. For producing polyamide polyimide and polyester.

Mainly used for F and H grades motor insulation materials, which can be long-term used at 230-250 ℃. Additionally, it can be used for manufacturing the molded plastic parts of electrical components, valve parts, bearings, jet engine parts, and others.

3. For producing alkyd resin.

Mainly used as the prime coat of automotive, electrical appliances and mechanical products, and also used as the surface paint of kitchen, furniture and others, as well as, used for the industrial building materials and commonly paints, etc.

4、Other applications

It is cheap and practical curing agent. It is widely used for the places with higher decorative, anti-corrosion requirements, such as, household appliances, bicycles, doors, windows and others. And used as the heat resistant insulating laminates, synthetic dyes, heat resistant varnish, stabilizer, fiber softening agent, pigment, water treatment agent, cinefilm and surface active agent, etc.

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