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The Insoluble Sulfur Vulcanizing Agent to Be The Promotion
Jun 29, 2018

The Insoluble Sulfur Vulcanizing Agent to Be The Promotion

The vulcanizing agent is essential for the rubber industry, at present, the largest amount of vulcanizing agent is sulfur, and the sulfur vulcanizing agent is used in the rubber industry with sulfur powder, insoluble sulfur, colloidal sulfur, precipitated sulfur. Among them, the insoluble sulfur has chemically inert and physical inertia, less prone to migration when used in rubber vulcanization, and makes vulcanized rubber tackifier, not blooming, and can reduce the scorch and extend the storage time of rubber is recognized as the best of sulfur vulcanizing agent.


Investment Advisor in the chemical industry researcher Chang Yizhi thinks  that the insoluble sulfur vulcanizing agent has the good development potentialin our market . At present, the insoluble sulfur has been widely used in the tire carcass rubber, white sidewall rubber and buffer rubber for the manufacture of tires, hoses, conveyor belts, automotive rubber parts, rubber rollers, oil seals, cables, rubber, latex products and light products and other products.

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