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The Development Of Foreign Rubber Accelerator TBBS
Nov 30, 2018

The Development Of Foreign Rubber Accelerator TBBS

Some vulcanization accelerator is disabled at the same time, people are actively looking for alternative products or develop new, does not produce nitrosamines accelerator varieties. Rubber accelerator TBBS (NS) is the structure of the primary amine, does not exist to produce nitrosamines toxic substances, and it is similar with rubber accelerator NOBS on performance.So it is highly valued applications and its production development speed rapidly.

At present TBBS is the main varieties used in the foreign rubber processing, and its production and demand has been an upward trend. In the United States and Western Europe the consumption of TBBS accounts for sulfonamide for about 60% of the accelerator's total sales. Therefore, the main raw material for tert-butylamine in the CBS production from 120,000 tons per year up to 210,000 tons per year in the United States.Sterling Chemicals, Inc. is a major manufacturer of tert-butylamine, the total production capacity of nearly 10,000 tons per year. 78.5% of tert-butylamine is used for the production accelerator of TBBS in the United States.

TBBS output by 1989 13.2% of accelerator production rose to 1993 years of more than 35% in Japan. Other Asian countries and regions of rubber industry development, increasing the rubber accelerator consumption, rubber accelerator TBBS consumption is expected to 10% ~ 20% of the annual rate of increase. Such as South Korea and Taiwan in 1990 to promote agent production 05000 tons, the consumption of 02800 tons in 1993, 10800 tons of production, consumption of 07800 tons. 1990 years of consumer TBBS 420 tons, 1993 for 1533 tons. Promote agent consumption three years increased 2.79 times, of which TBBS consumption increased 3.65 times.

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