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The Characteristics of Competitive Rubber Chemical Enterprise
Jun 22, 2018

The Characteristics of Competitive Rubber Chemical Enterprise

With the global rubber production increasing greatly, rubber chemical the competition between the enterprises gradually is no longer the sources of the raw materials, raw material cost competition, now rubber chemical competition between enterprises is rubber chemical technology competition.Below is the competitive rubber chemical enterprise features:


The first is technology substitution ability of the enterprise, they have their own core technology, patent, and can set up higher technical barriers.For instance, in the export births of commonly used zinc oxide, when some firms are producing nanometer zno, it not only makes its cost reduce, but also solves the problem of environmental protection,so it lies the good market, and there are more opportunities for development.


The second is a product substitution of the enterprise.In the rubber industry, especially our country's natural rubber, the whole consumption accounts for more than one third of the world, but the reliance on imports is very strong, can reach 80%.China in the field of synthetic rubber which, in particular, is very similar to the rubber with natural rubber, a few years ago can not be produced, the past few years companies to commercialize the production, which is also a relatively large space for development.For example, the Qingdao Iraq thought, like some of the other other varieties, it is also the national policy of adhesive in very support, also now have enterprise in production.


And some special rubber, its added value is higher .The third is has a strong green products or green technology, environmental protection ability stronger enterprise.Such as domestic note agent industry, some product quality, performance, compared with foreign gaps.But its craft relatively backward, and bring the environmental protection question was so severe that it will increase in invisible among its environmental cost.Therefor, with a green technology enterprise in the future will have bigger competitive advantage.

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