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Sep 28, 2018

This week, the domestic THF market is temporarily stable, PBT starts to improve, the market supply is sufficient, most manufacturers offer stable, stable shipments, some negotiations are weak, some manufacturers in the market are overhauled, supply side support, overall consolidation Run as the main. In terms of price, the genuine supply is less, the manufacturer's barreled offer refers to 15000-15500 yuan / ton, the intention is not strong; the loose water offer 13200-14800 yuan / ton, part of the supply is slightly lower. The price of by-product barrels is quoted at 14000-14300 yuan/ton, the market price is negotiated at 13500-14200 yuan/ton (consignment delivery), the terminal negotiation is slightly higher; the mainstream price of bulk water supply is 13000-13500 yuan/ton.

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