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TDI price is weak
Oct 29, 2018

The rebound in the domestic TDI market last week is like a short-lived. On Monday, the factory concentrated the support plate, and the domestic factories announced a price of 20,500 yuan / ton. Under this rendering, the downstream amount just needs replenishment, and the factories and traders have increased their volume. The low price of the trade market disappeared, and the market sentiment has tightened. The domestically produced barrels in East China have risen to 18,500 yuan/ton, and the price of Shanghai-style barrels has risen to 19,500 yuan/ton. The closing price rose by RMB 500/ton from last Friday.

However, the upcoming sales of Wanhua's new products have always suppressed the domestic market. Especially after the right amount of replenishment in the downstream, the transaction market has returned to silence. For the current domestic market, “the price is not rising or falling”, and the market has been loosened on Thursday. East China domestic goods in stock barrels with tickets fell back to 18,500 yuan / ton. At present, the futures market for domestically produced goods has once again fallen. It is reported that the price of futures orders delivered next week is 17500-17800 yuan/ton, while the futures market around mid-November is even lower. In terms of Shanghai's supply, Shanghai BASF will reduce its supply by about 30% next month. In addition, Costron has an overhaul plan in early November, but the specific maintenance time is still uncertain.

In addition, Dow's supply arrived in this week. As the market generally waits for BASF's settlement price, the market is temporarily quiet. However, considering that Wanhua's new products are about to be sold and Dow's supply has flowed into the domestic market, there is no doubt that the domestic TDI market will face a new round of decline.

In terms of domestic plant installations, Yantai Juli's 80,000-ton unit is expected to restart at the end of the month, while the Gansu silver-light unit resumes normal operation this week, and both the Zhangzhou Dahua and the Southeast Electrochemical Units are operating normally.

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