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TDI Daily Commentary: The market is bullish and full of atmosphere
Aug 24, 2018

On Friday, the domestic TDI market was bullish, and the Gansu Yinguang TDI device was officially shut down for maintenance. Yantai Juli had an overhaul plan around the 10th of next month. In addition, the northern factory rumors of price increases, good news spread in the market, resulting in the disappearance of the low-priced trading market, domestically produced barrels with tickets generally open to around 30,500 yuan / ton. In the afternoon, the settlement price of Shanghai BASF TDI in August was 30,600 yuan / ton, and the listing price in September was 36,000 yuan / ton (barrel), up 1,000 yuan / ton from last month. At present, the price of Shanghai cargo barrels with tickets is 31,000 yuan/ton.

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