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Something About Common Rubber Antioxidant
Apr 27, 2018

Something About Common Rubber Antioxidant

What is the rubber antioxidant? Rubber and its products in long-term storage and use process, due to receive heat, oxygen, ozone, of metal ions, mechanical stress, light, high energy ray function, as well as other chemicals and the effect of mold, gradually reduce that they lose the original physical and mechanical properties of the process is called aging. Along with the aging process and development, rubber and its products performance will be gradually reduced so that the lost value in use. In order to prolong the service life of rubber products, will be in the rubber match into some can inhibit the aging process of the material, thereby prolong the rubber and products of the storage period and service life. These substances called rubber antioxidant.

Rubber antioxidant of various kinds and different role. According to its main function can be divided into thermal oxygen aging agent, the ozone resistance agent and harmful metal ion inhibitor, antifatigue, uv absorber, resistance to crack agent, etc. However, because each kind of protection function is often not a kind of protective agent have special, most protective agent can be of some aging factors play a role, but the difference degree.

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