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Sodium Sulfate
Aug 16, 2018

CAS No.: 1313-82-2
HS Code:2830101000
Apperance£ºYellow flakes / Red Flakes
Property:strong moisture absorption, soluble in water, and water solution is strongly alkaline reaction. Sodium sulphide will cause burns when is touched with the skin and hair. The method of solution in the air will slowly oxygen.
Uses:sodium sulphide is used to produce vulcanization dye, sulphur cyan, sulphur blue, dye intermediates reductance, and other nonferrous metallurgy industry used for ore flotation agents. Sodium sulphide can also make the depilatory cream in the leather industry. It is cooking agent in the paper industry. Meanwhile, sodium sulphide is also used to produce Sodium thiosulfate, sodium sulfite and sodium polysulfide.

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